Initial Appointment: 90 Min. $125.00
We will begin with completing and going over intake paperwork, a brief explanation of the therapy and some Question and Answer time, an Intro to self-care with your free therapy ball, a stand-up postural evaluation and at least an hour of treatment. If you print out and bring your paperwork along, we will have more time for the rest of it.
60 minute MFR session: $95.00
90 min MFR session: $140.00
2 hr MFR session: $160.00

What to Expect

Your treatment session will begin with a brief standing postural analysis with you in your treatment clothes. This nonjudgmental body scan will allow both of us to be more aware of external holding patterns and postural misalignments. I will look for things such as whether your shoulders are level, your pelvis is tilted or rotated, and how you carry your head. Based on what we discover, and whatever concerns, symptoms and observations you have shared, your unique treatment will begin. Any combination of stretches, structural techniques and soft tissue mobilizations are possible including cross hand releases, assisted stretches, arm and leg pulls, or craniosacral work. Generally speaking, I will find an area of restriction and “sink” gently into it for 90-120 seconds, then begin a gentle stretching of the fascial web for at least 5 min. and often more, allowing time for the area to open without force to eliminate restrictions, reverse holding patterns, and reorganize. A “release” may feel like tingling or heat, butter melting, or taffy stretching. You may find yourself moving gracefully without conscious effort as the web opens and your body explores the new space created.


Since JFBMFR is a whole body technique, I will often treat areas other than where the pain or dysfunction is sensed because everything is connected. I may guide you with dialog to keep your presence/awareness in your body or the treated area and may ask you for feedback regarding your body's feelings and sensations. I feel that this awareness and participation is an important part of the healing process.

Treatments are often relaxing, and usually clients notice changes during or shortly after a session. You may notice additional shifts hours or even days later. No two sessions will ever be alike. Following a treatment it is important to drink extra water to flush out released toxins, and rehydrate formerly dense areas. I will provide you with an appropriate individualized home program and any and all time you invest in self-care will greatly accelerate your healing!

Results are cumulative- as more structural and restriction releases occur with multiple sessions and self-treatment and you grow awareness of your unique holding patterns, change continues to accelerate. We will work as a team- I consider myself a facilitator in your healing journey… MFR treatment is about “doing with”, not “doing to” and we work together to create positive change for you!

What to Wear

Myofascial Release therapy requires hands on skin contact, and often involves movement and /or stretching, so comfort and ability to move easily is key. I suggest men wear athletic/ elastic waist shorts or underwear and women a bra, sports bra or tank top and underwear or elastic waist/athletic shorts. No cream or lotion is used in treatment and it is best if you do not apply any before your session so my hands don’t slide on your skin.